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At Schoolneeds, we believe in educational excellence for all, and we strive to extend the frontiers of knowledge and learning. To accomplish this goal, Schoolneeds was initiated by a group of youngsters who have decades of collective experience in the education sector and with an aim to offer a secure, reliable and a seamless online service for students and also for parents to shop for their children’s school essentials.

The main focus is to create an educational portal that breaks the conventional and rather inconvenient shopping exercises that involve in spending a lot of time finding the right vendors for different school supplies like uniforms, bags, shirts, books, etc. The objective of the initiative is to make the process simple and efficient. This also helps the schools get the benefit of bringing their own brand and tone of voice for their school essentials that can set them apart from the rest.

We’ve also dedicated ourselves to help the children who are less fortunate and in dire need of a basic education. At Schoolneeds, it is our social responsibility to ensure that all children should receive the education they deserve.

Why School Needs?

Schoolneeds will give you a hassle-free shopping experience while purchasing your child’s school supplies. We bring everything under one roof so that you get the most convenient way of buying the school essentials that you require, any time of the day or any day of the year.
Being a pioneer in this field, we always strive to keep ourselves updated and stay committed to our client’s requirement. So, it’s time for a grand shopping spree. Sans all inconveniences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish Schoolneeds as a household name by transforming it into a leading online service provider for all the school essentials that parents would want for their child. This includes in making available a variety of products and quality in a timely fashion.

Our Vision

The vision of Schoolneeds is to provide a simple, supportive and a user-friendly experience to school administrators and parents where all the children's essentials are available with just a few clicks.

The Origin of School Needs

Nowadays we buy almost everything through online shopping. But unfortunately, for the education sector, we are still hopping around shops to buy stationeries and supplies, which tend to become a tedious process especially given the current lifestyle where time matters a lot to all.
Our team being in the education sector for a while now discussed the various issues that are being faced by parents and students and that helped us realize the need for a simpler solution. This was one of the main reasons for the birth of School Needs.

Our Service

At School Needs India Pvt. Ltd., we offer a wide array of products related to the schools like notebooks, textbooks, workbook, worksheets, drawing booklet, practical record, graph book, uniforms, shoes, socks, tie, belt, activities books & many more that are customized to your needs as a single package which is delivered to every student’s doorstep. And we offer our website (www.schoolneeds.in) as a platform to sell and promote the products according to your requirements and specifications.


Academic Kits

Customized one time academic kit as per every School's requirement


Note Books

Wide range of notebooks from top brands



We provide the best quality uniforms in the market


Text Books

Textbooks available for all subjects and different grades



Shop for Pre-nursery, Nursery and Lower Primary workbooks from reputed brands


Quality Education Online Tools

We provide the best online tools to improve and enhance the learning experience


Kinder Garden Toys

Wide range of Toys for children to learn while they play



Fun activities for children that will challenge and develop their skills



We offer an array of school supplies like Shoes, Ties, Belts, and Stationeries

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1. Why should I buy from Schoolneeds?
Schoolneeds is the first of its kind which believes in partnering with parents and educational institutions to source all the educational supplies with high quality and durability. Variety in products is the key along with timely delivery. Our association with the top most brands makes it easier to source all supplies. Where saving time and convenience is the key, Schoolneeds lives upto all expectations from a Educational supply store perspective.

2. Can Schools also contribute to my order from Schoolneeds ?
Yes, definitely. We can get associated with your Child's school and customize their yearly supplies of stationery and other essentials. We also will customize your supplies as per your School's needs.

3. What is a Academic Kit ?
Yearly kits are one of the best things which could happen to both School and a child. This kit gives Schools a unique advantage of customization. All the A-Z items which a child must need for a year of education will be packed perfectly in a bag. There will absolutely be no need for a parent to keep visiting stores now and then to buy supplies. This kit once ordered from the School will be either distributed in the school premises or at the child's residence.

4. What are the variety of products that Schoolneeds can offer?
Schoolneeds has associated itself with some of the top brands for educational supplies. The Academic Kit includes notebooks, textbooks, art materials, diaries, uniforms, belts, shoes and socks, sports and library equipment, pens and pencil stationary etc are some of the products we offer. If there is something we have missed out and is in great demand among st school children, then we will be happy to add it to our list based upon availability.

5. Will there be a after sales team in Schoolneeds ?
Definitely yes. Afterall, being related to our customers even after delivery is our highest priority. Any issues or concerns are all welcome post sales through a feedback. We will be happy to either resolve or replace.

6. What is the usual delivery period ?
If the order is placed through a School, then the delivery period will be agreed upon with school's requirement.

7. What are the payment methods ?
Cards can be used for online transactions. For schools, payments will be through either cash or DD.

8. Which are the different locations schoolneeds is currently supporting ?
Currently, Schoolneeds is catering to Schools and parents through Karnataka. With many parents and institutions slowly getting accustomed with the schoolneeds concept, we will soon be moving to other states as well.

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